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Sales engagement reimagined with AI

Say goodbye to ineffective spray-and-pray prospecting tactics, overwhelming manual tasks, and tool overload. Engage drives quality engagement at scale from first-touch to closed-won, all in one place.

Some of our 4000+ customers

The only sales engagement solution powered by complete customer interactions

Personalize engagement with account-based outreach from
lead to close

Go beyond traditional contact-based models to get a complete context of each account and AI-powered contact recommendations based on historical win/loss data. Increase high-quality pipeline with a solution created for account-based prospecting and selling.

Increase rep productivity with AI-driven automation and guidance

Use AI to prioritize what deals to focus on and automatically generate accurate call briefs, outcomes, and action items. Craft high-quality, personalized emails in seconds with generative AI.

Streamline team workflows and data in one place

Centralize workflows with built-in third-party integrations and a user-friendly experience for reps and managers to align, collaborate, and improve. Eliminate the need for multiple tools throughout the sales process, saving reps time.

Key Features

Engage with prospects at scale using pre-determined series of actions to automate outreach efforts.
Seamlessly auto-dial contacts from Gong and get AI-generated call outcomes and highlights with key action items.
Create and send high-quality emails from Gong, with assistance from Gong’s AI and context from customer interactions.
Account view
View all account information, including AI-recommended contacts, activity timeline, and action items, from one place.
CRM Updater
View and edit CRM fields for open deals on demand without bouncing between tools.
Get a live list of AI-recommended tasks to move deals forward.
Track reps’ prospecting activities, conversion rates, and email performance.
Easily share and assign critical tasks and notes to cross-functional team members.
Our high-performing reps see Gong Engage as their workspace. Everything is right at their fingertips from the task list, whether it’s following up with an active deal or trying a different flow for a new account.
Bryce Williford
SVP of Sales, Bluegrace

Connected data for Increased visibility

Use contact and buyer intent data from Gong Collective partners to streamline workflows and drive quality engagement.

Chili Piper

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See how Gong Engage helps your team create and accelerate pipeline with customer-centric AI.

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