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Congratulations to our 2023 Golden Gong Award Winners!

So, what are the Golden Gong Awards?

The Golden Gong awards are how we recognize our customers’ achievements. We aim to showcase the incredible things people are accomplishing with Gong every day. Our panel of judges, comprised of leaders from across Gong, is waiting to be wowed by your entry.

And what is in for me?

We’re highlighting our winners and finalists with a feature story, shared across all of our customers
and followers. That’s a lot of people. We’ll also celebrate you at our #celebrate events next year. Oh, and we’re sending winners their very own Golden Gong award package. Lastly, you’ll have bragging rights – those are both timeless and priceless.


This year, we’re recognizing customers across eight categories—including four brand-new titles. You know you’re the best at what you do, so take this opportunity to tell us why and earn the recognition you deserve. Apply directly by clicking the name of the category. (And yes, you can apply to more than one category!)

The captain

Best Gong for People Story:

Have you figured out how to replicate your best reps’ skills? This award recognizes how you’ve transformed your team into quota-shattering super sellers. Show us how you’ve leveled up your team’s skills using Gong. Please provide metrics and results that show the impact of your changes.

The Powerhouse * new

Best Gong for Performance Story:

No inefficiencies here! Share a story of how you maximized your team’s productivity so they can do more with less. Tell us (with data!) how things were going before you spotted the opportunity for improvement, and what you accomplished with help from Gong

The Strategist

Best Gong for Strategy Story:

Being able to hear the unfiltered voice of your market is one of the most powerful benefits of Gong. This award goes to a team that guaranteed its success when rolling out a new initiative. Let us know how you did it. (Remember, we love seeing data!

The Visionary

Best “We Switched to Gong” Story:

Welcome to greener pastures! If you were once invested in another platform solution, then switched to Gong, tell us how the change transformed your organization. Extra consideration will be given to entries that name their previous platform. Please include metrics and results

The Innovator

Most Creative Use of Gong Story:

Have you used Gong in an interesting way to solve problems? Give us the deets on your use case. (You know we love data!)

The Most Valuable
Player (MVP) * new

Best Use of the Entire Gong Platform Story:

Delighted with Deal Boards? Fascinated by Forecast? Amazed by App Integrations? Share how your team has improved its stats by using the breadth of the Gong portfolio of products

The Globetrotter * New

Best Use of Gong Across Countries Story:

You rolled out Gong in one place…. then another… and another! Suddenly, you’re capturing calls from different countries, understanding different cultural contexts, and delivering stellar results. Tell us the story of your cross-cultural deployment of Gong, and share your successes (read: numbers)

The A-Team * NEW

Best Use of Gong Across Your Organization Story:

We know how it goes… You roll out Gong to your sales team, then Customer Success wants in. Suddenly, the marketers and product team are listening to calls. We love to hear it! Tell us how other departments within your organization have used Gong to make substantial improvements or transformations to your organization. (Don’t forget the data!)

Congratulations to the 2023 winners