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What sets top performers apart? Which deals have the most risk? Which messages resonate with your buyers? Get a demo to see how Gong can help.

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Accelerate Sales Onboarding
and maximize Rep Efficiency

Assess sales readiness

Benchmark new reps against top performance indicators and easily compare team stats.

Get new reps closing deals faster

Close more deals in a fraction of the time by modeling winning behaviors from top reps.

Minimize burden on internal teams

Give time back to sales managers, enablement, and top reps with personalized coaching tips.

Leveraging Gong accelerated my onboarding and ramp time tremendously. I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s a game-changer for remote teams.
Alexa Lemmo
Director of Channel Sales, UpWork

Why sales managers and reps love gong for onboarding


Face it. Call shadowing isn’t scalable and meetings are unpredictable. Gong gives new hires a library of top call recordings to review so they can onboard faster.

use data to Pinpoint
areas you can improve

See how you compare with other reps on your team, pinpoint what top performers are doing differently, and emulate winning behaviors to maximize deal efficiency.

Get personalized recommendations

There’s no better (or faster) way to learn than to get continuous feedback from your manager and team. Share, leave comments, tag team members, request feedback, and score performance within each individual call.


The #1 Sales onboarding solution

Faster sales onboarding is some of the strongest ROI you can get as a sales leader. The fast your new hires start producing full quota, the more revenue they’ll bring in by the end of the year.

key sales skills your new hires will master fast with Gong

Sell value, not features

New hires are notorious for “feature dumping” and selling on price. With Gong, they’ll be selling value in no time.


Your new reps will learn to lock down next steps every time, even if you can’t afford sales training.


New team members won’t fumble through objections. They’ll learn how your best reps handle objections, and clone that behavior.


Cracking the code on a great discovery is impossible without knowing how your best reps do it.


Armed with the ability to follow entire sales processes from first call to close, your new hires will master your sales process in no time.


Traditional sales onboarding involves your new hires huddling around a Webex while your best rep puts on a show. Or you might be relying on an LMS with a bunch of onboarding training material. But here’s why the old approach to sales onboarding is letting you down:

It’s Slow

It can take months to onboard your sales staff and get them up to speed with your systems

It’s Outdated

Those 40 PowerPoint decks you use to onboard sales? Yeah, they’re probably out-of-date (and you know it…)

It’s Overwhelming

It can mean trying to cram all the information into a few short orientation sessions, which can overwhelm new reps

It’s Frustrating

Your best sales managers don’t have time to spend weeks (or even hours) onboarding new team members


If you’ve been struggling to onboard salespeople, it’s probably not your fault. You just haven’t had the right tools to get the job done efficiently. So, give yourself the best chance of winning by using Gong’s tools to onboard your new people.

Here’s why you’ll learn to love sales onboarding with us:


Onboard faster, with on-demand training and minimal hand-holding


Give your new people real-life examples of common objections and how to close deals


With our sales enablement tools, your reps will have everything they need at their fingertips to start selling effectively


Gong works the same for onboarding one or one hundred salespeople


Built-in feedback functions make it easy for new team members to ask for help


Show your team what success looks like and how they can achieve it

Gong has made the process a lot more efficient and allowed us to grow the team and the business at a really fast rate.
Alex Ball
VP of Mid-Market & Velocity Sales

See the magic of gong in action

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Answers to commonly asked questions
about Conversation Intelligence

What kind of insights can conversation intelligence software provide?

Here are some of the problem areas and use cases that our conversation intelligence platform helps resolve:

  • Sales coaching
  • Self-coaching and peer learning
  • New hire onboarding
  • Voice of customer
  • Competitor analysis
  • Pipeline management and forecasting
  • Performance reviews
How does Gong find, record, and transcribe all customer interactions?

Once you integrate Gong with your calendar, email, and CRM, it automatically starts scanning for meetings, calls, and demos to record. Gong then records audio and video from each session and transcribes it in real time, giving you a deep, searchable database of interactions.

Does Gong work on mobile devices?

Yes, Gong can be installed and accessed on most smartphones. That means reps and sales managers can take their self-study, coaching, and best practices with them wherever they go. Need to walk the dog but still want to step up your sales game? It’s no problem at all with Gong.

Will Gong integrate with my existing tech stack?

More than likely! Gong currently offers dozens of integrations (and counting). Here are some of our more popular integrations: 

  • GoToMeeting
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Zendesk
  • Slack 
  • Google Workspace

See a full list of Gong integrations.

Where can I read reviews of Gong conversation intelligence software?

You can read 5,000+ reviews of Gong on G2 Crowd, where Gong is ranked #1 on G2’s best software list. If you want to go under the hood to see how customers actually use Gong, check out our library of customer success stories.

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